Solar Energy

Making Out on Solar

  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Zero Down in Most Cases
  • Qualify for No Cost Solar
  • Various Local Incentives
  • Monthly Utility Savings
  • Increased home value

Prosper From Solar Today

Adding solar panels to your home provides major savings and improves the value of your home. Going solar is a major step towards a more sustainable energy source and monthly utility savings. According to statistics, the average family spends more than $1,430 a year for their electricity.

On top of that, the cost of electricity has risen by 2.2% per year across the nation. With the threat of continual spikes in energy prices and the burden of more harmful energy resources on our planet, investing in solar is a very attractive option.

With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, now is the time to start thinking seriously about how creating a solar profit. For an average household and solar panel system size (6-kilowatt system), homeowners meeting above 90% of their energy needs can expect to save around $13,000 over the first 6 years and around $29,000 after 20 years.

Though savings can vary based on energy demands, electricity rate fluctuation, and various other factors, the savings available through going solar are very real. Interested in learning more? Contact Root 66 today as we would love to give you more information.

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