Services That Matter

Alternative Medicine

The most common alternative medicine is Medical Cannabis. Root 66 can provide you with a hydroponic growing systems and educate and train you how to grow and cultivate cannabis and what strains to grow for your illness.


Hydroponics is a form of gardening that uses no soil, but instead grows vegetables, herbs, plants and fruit in a solution of water and nutrients. Root 66 can supply you everything you need for your indoor gardening project.

Living Walls

Living walls or green walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. They differ from green fa├žades (e.g. ivy walls, herbs, etc.) in that the plants in a structural support which is fastened to the wall itself.

Referral Program

You Can Profit From The Root 66 Referral Program While Changing Peoples Lives. What Are You Waiting For, Make That Call! Root 66 provides many alternatives to traditional ways that results in a better way of living and life.

Solar Energy

Are you looking for a brighter and less expensive energy future for your home? Solar panels capture photons from sunlight and turn them into DC power. Let Root 66 turn sunlight into electricity for you today and tomorrow.

Alternative Therapy

Reiki is a therapy described as palm healing or hands-on-body healing where hands are lightly on or over a patient's body to facilitate healing. In recent years, Reiki has been integrated into many health care settings.

Energy and Gas

A deregulated market allows you to choose your electric and gas supplier. It forces retailers to differentiate their products from the utility and those of competitors by developing innovative features and pricing plans.

Healy - Health and Wellness

Healy offers you Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) applications to help you stay fit, and to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field (ENERGY!).

BEMER - Health and Wellness

Healthy microcirculation is vital to the cardiovascular system, and vasomotion is a process in the microcirculatory system that assists the heart in delivering blood to the smallest vessels in the body.