Cooking and Baking

Seriously... Consider Cannabis

Cannabis use in food and beverage recipes is becoming increasingly popular today. Medical patients often cannot tolerate the effects of smoking, and many increasingly health-conscious people prefer to ingest Cannabis through food or drink, therefore bypassing the effects of the smoke to the lungs.

While some people prefer to use tested recipes, others will add Cannabis to their own recipes, exclusively. The main thing to remember when cooking with Cannabis is to always experiment with the amounts used in each recipe. This way you will come to know what your own level of tolerance is.

The rule of thumb to remember is "less is better than more" - you can always eat more to produce the desired effects, but if you ingest too high a dosage you will just have to deal with it until it wears off. The effects of ingested Cannabis are slower to feel, but the same effects often last longer. And eating foods with Cannabis in them are more effective when taken on an otherwise empty stomach.

Cookies and brownies are the most common when cooking with Cannabis. These can be made in advance and stored for several days. They can also be discreetly tucked into a pocket or purse, to be eaten at desired times throughout the course of the day. Many people prefer to use Cannabis in drinks. These range from a sweetened or unsweetened Cannabis tea and can often be made in advance and stored for use as desired.

Once you decide to take that step and use Cannabis for cooking, it will open new doors to your dietary habits. You will experiment with dishes unknown to you previously, and expand your diet in a most pleasant, extraordinary way.

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